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Grub Club in first crowdfunding acquisition of 2018

| Beauhurst

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In the first crowdfunding acquisition of this year, Grub Club – a platform that connects hosts and diners for at-home supper clubs – has been acquired. Its only known backer to date is Crowdcube.

Having raised £671k over five funding rounds to date, Grub Club has been gobbled up by VizEat (newly EatWith), a global firm providing much the same service – but focused on offering travellers and tourists the chance to sample local cuisine.

At the time of writing, Grub Club continues to operate throughout the UK, with hosts listing events for several months to come. It’s unclear whether the acquisition is an acqui-hire, roll-up, asset sale, or something else.  
(Addendum: 17 July  2018) Information from a verified source has confirmed that Grub Club’s acquisition was an asset sale that did not present any return to shareholders.

Crowdcube itself has now backed six companies that have been acquired or exited:

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