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Female founders: the data on women in business


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Earlier this year, Beauhurst collaborated with The Entrepreneurs Network to create a report on female founders and how female entrepreneurship could be developed, scaled, and supported by those who work with high-growth companies. Last week, Gonçalo de Vasconcelos of crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom wrote in City AM that “the traditional venture capital (VC) industry is predominantly made up of white males – and its investments reflect that demographic.”

Women in business is a hot topic, and for good reason. We’ve taken a look at every publicly-announced fundraising into high-growth companies throughout 2016, and the charts below record our findings.

Female-founders---the-data.pngClick the image to download

We analyse these investments by splitting them into two types: those that went into companies with a female founder, and those that went to companies without one. We also look at only two funder types: traditional private equity or venture capital firms, and equity crowdfunding platforms.

Of course, it’s impossible to pin down the proportion of entrepreneurs who applied for (but did not receive) investment. So it could be that fewer deals go into female-founded companies because there simply are fewer female-founded companies to begin with. 

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