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Beauhurst Product Updates: February 2019


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Our Development and Product teams have been making a raft of changes to the Beauhurst platform to make it easier and quicker to use than ever.

In some cases, these tweaks are visual: helping make our product as visually appealing and helpful as possible. Others are designed to help our users access the information they want as quickly as possible. And some involve work behind the scenes that our users will never see, but help make our platform quicker and more reliable than ever before. Here’s a summary of some of the improvements we’ve made.

Visual tweaks

We’ve improved our dashboard, account, subscription settings and help pages, and have made the company filing history tab easier to navigate.

Easier to find key information

We wanted to make it easier for our users to find information about their subscription; including past exports, users and contact details. We have also made the Dashboard – the front page of the Beauhurst platform – easier to read. 

As well as our information on key employees, we have started to add email addresses for company Directors. These will now appear on people and company profiles, and are also exportable.

Director emails

We have added functionality to group SIC codes, allowing easier searches when looking by top-level categories, eg “construction”.

Beauhurst AVS

Anthony Hobday

Anthony leads Beauhurst's Product team, working to make our platform as easy to use as possible. With a background in UX design, he tries to understand the needs of Beauhurst users, and the design changes that will meet them.

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