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We’ve taken a closer look at clean energy sector, mapping out the ecosystem and handpicking some of the most exciting companies in the space. 

Powering the UK clean energy

What’s inside?

distribution of clean energy companies in the uk
grants in to clean energy companies in the uk
top clean energy companies by growth in turnover


Which regions are ahead of the crowd and which are lagging behind?

Grant Funding

Clean energy companies receive a significant amount of grant funding, so who are the biggest recipients?

Top Companies

We’ve handpicked the most exciting companies in the space, from highest valued to fastest growing employee count

This report highlights

High-growth Companies

Grant Funding received

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Handpicked company cohorts

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Where does the data come from?

All data featured comes from the Beauhurst platform, a searchable database of the UK’s fastest-growing startups and scaleups.

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