Female Entrepreneurs: gender diversity across the UK's high-growth ecosystem

Female Entrepreneurs: gender diversity across the UK’s high-growth ecosystem

We’ve highlighted key trends amongst, and disparities between, all-female, mixed-gender and all-male founding teams; from the funding they’ve received to the key support systems they’ve leveraged.

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all-female founding teams

mixed-gender founding teams

all-male founding teams

What’s inside?

Analysis of female-founded companies in the UK
Analysis of investment trends into female-founded companies
Analysis of grants awarded to female-founded businesses
accelerators for female entrepreneurs


25% of the UK’s high-growth companies have a female founder, but which regions have a particularly high proportion and which may need more support?

Equity investment

The proportion of equity deals secured by teams with a female founder has increased from 14% in 2011 to a high of 22% in 2017. This figure has plateaued since. 

Grant funding

Since 2012 the share of large innovation grants awarded to female founders has quadrupled to 16% – still a very low proportion.


Fully-female-founded companies are most likely to have grown through an accelerators, more commonly opting for structure programmes instead of funding transactions. 

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