How 24Haymarket Uses Beauhurst to Identify & Validate New Investment Opportunities

Beauhurst is one of the first points of call for us when assessing an opportunity - it is vital to our decision-making process.

Jamie Dunnett, Investment Executive

Venture Capital

24 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4DG


24Haymarket is a leading deal-by-deal investment platform focused on high-growth businesses. They have a network of experienced private equity and venture capital investors, and have invested in more than 50 companies since 2011.

How do they use Beauhurst?

  • Targeting businesses for deal generation and commercial opportunities using specific criteria
  • Tracking news and activity of existing portfolio companies or prospective investee companies
  • Benchmarking against the market and assess the productivity of the deal-making process
  • Keeping abreast of industry developments
  • Evaluating inbound deal flow, researching and verifying existing opportunities
  • Researching companies and trends in specific sectors and verticals

The results of using Beauhurst

  • Discovered and begun due diligence on several promising investment opportunities using advanced search capabilities
  • Significantly improved efficiency and speed of the first stage of the investment process
  • Beauhurst has become the first port of call for assessing new opportunities

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