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How to find the companies you need to know about (but have never heard of before)


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Whether you’re striving to hit your quarterly targets or gunning for a promotion — time is of the essence. Whilst Google is great for finding companies you already know about, it’s a much harder task to search for what you don’t know. You exhaust the obvious searches in minutes, and do your very best to conjure any remotely relevant search terms. Three hours later all you’ve got is a shortlist of mediocre leads and no idea if they’d be interested in your offering. You’ve no idea of which direction to take next, you’ve wasted your time, and now you’re feeling pretty bad about it all. 

This is where Beauhurst comes in. We track the UK’s best and brightest startups and scaleups (all 32,000 of them) on an easy-to-use platform. Combining comprehensive data and sophisticated search tools, Beauhurst enables you to easily narrow down and source company information on the businesses you care about — even the ones you hadn’t heard of before. Here’s how.

Find more leads in less time than before

Our Advanced Search tool sits at the heart of our platform and allows you to search across structured data from hundreds of sources, including Companies House. Get instant results to sophisticated queries like ‘top-funded EdTech companies in London’ or ‘companies in Greater Manchester with turnover growing more than 60% year on year.’

From location and sector to financials and the impact of COVID-19, pick out as many criteria as you’d like and search across 30,000 high-growth companies within seconds. Save any of your searches so you can repeat them regularly.

Search edtech companies

Dive deeper into new prospects

From the search results, select a company you want to explore in more detail. Each has a carefully curated profile with categorised tabs, so you can home in on the bits you’re interested in, or quickly scan through the whole profile. Dive into all the relevant information, from the company history, financials, annual reports, credit scores, investments, timelines, and shareholders. Using our latest COVID-19 Impact dataset, you can see how the business has been impacted by coronavirus. Once you’re fully clued up on the company, reach out to key decision-makers using verified contact details to bring in new business.

Cazoo company profile

Build new searches to monitor your competitors

Using our similar companies tool, quickly find direct competitors to the companies you’re looking at. Our machine learning algorithm analyses a range of company data including descriptive text and tagged sectors, matching companies with their most similar counterparts on the platform.

monzo similar companies

Using this company information, conduct more granular analysis on competitors by taking key information from the company page and putting into the advanced search to see what other companies come up. This allows you to build refined lists of new upcoming startups and small businesses that may have previously flown under your radar and generate new searches with a whole host of factors you may not have previously considered.

Not got time to search? Set up automated tracking

A solid stream of high-quality leads is imperative for any fast growing business. Our automatic tracking feature, Collections, solves this problem and means you won’t have to perform the same searches over and over again.

To keep track of any of the companies within your resulting searches, just add the company name to a Collection. We’ll alert you if there are any updates or changes to any of the companies within that cohort. Receive these alerts whenever it suits you — everyday, once a week or on specific days of the week. This way, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse, and be informed of new transactions, changes to key details, press mentions and senior hires without having to search or conduct a company check.

Only touching the surface

This is only a snapshot of the advanced capabilities of the Beauhurst search engine. We offer a whole host of other tools and user-friendly features designed to make finding exciting companies easier. See for yourself how the platform can revolutionise the way both you and your business work.

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