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How to Find Startups That Are Hiring (Before Your Competitors)


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Big spending decisions almost never happen on a whim. Whilst there are certain strategic factors that come into play when a startup begins to increase headcount, the most frequent signal is recent fundraising. Recruiters often go after firms with jaw-dropping equity raising headlines in the media, hoping to reach them before their competitors do. 

Along with the funding rounds that are publicly announced in the media, Beauhurst is the only data provider that also tracks the 70% of rounds that are completed silently. In 2020, we found that seed stage companies are the most likely to keep their fundraisings to themselves, with 75% of their deals being unannounced. 

So with a swift browse of the Beauhurst platform, you can find companies that have the ambition and resources to grow, before hundreds of your competitors can approach them—with Beauhurst you have first mover advantage on the opportunity. You are also much more likely to pique your lead’s interest with this exciting scoop that leaves them scratching their heads as to how you could possibly know so much. 

Our comprehensive, yet user-friendly Advanced Search function allows you to navigate our company database to predict which startups are about to start a hiring spree. This will help you streamline your approach, wasting less time on leads that are unsuitable or have already been pitched to by your competitors. 

Watch a two minute demo below, and read on to find out more…

How to use Beauhurst to find startups about to go on a hiring spree

To start with, you can set your criteria on our search engine to show companies that have secured fundraisings of £500k in the last 3 months, to generate a list of potential leads. 

find startups that are hiring with fundraisings

You can further narrow it down to only show you unannounced fundraisings, in the sector you’re interested in.

find startups that are hiring with unannounced fundraisings

If you want to minimise the risk of them turning around and saying they were actually looking to invest in a new office space, you can even select the proposed use of funds to be job creation. 

Beauhurst job creation fundraisings tag

Set your criteria to show companies that are lacking any job functions in the set of skills you’re recruiting for, let’s say marketing.

startups without a marketing function

Lastly, since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve assigned Covid Impact tags to each of our 34k tracked companies. This feature is particularly interesting for spotting hiring sprees: you can set up your search to show companies that have been assigned positive covid impact tags due to creating job opportunities, whether they’ve received funding or not.

Startups creating job opportunities

Once you’ve established how narrow you want your search to be, the good news is that you can save this list into a Collection on your account, which you can then export as a .csv file or come back to when you’re ready. It automatically updates to show companies that fit your criteria in real time, meaning you don’t have to recreate your search every time you log in. 

Export search results

To make things even easier for future you, you can set up email alerts to update you on whenever a new company has met the criteria you set up in your Collection. This will save you time doing investigative work on lead generation and instead, allows you to focus on preparing the best pitch to win them over.

Set up custom alerts

If you’re keen to get first-in-line access to the UK’s fastest-growing startups, then book a demo today. In 30 minutes, you’ll receive a no-obligation walk through of the platform that’s tailored to your areas of interest. You’ll even come away with a selection of new leads to test run! 

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