10 Fastest-Growing Companies in the UK | 2021-2022

Farzana Haque, 20 July 2023

The UK high-growth ecosystem has been through a lot of challenges in recent times; recovering from the pandemic lockdown and dealing with high-interest rates making venture capital funding harder to come by, to name two. But through these challenging times, UK-based entrepreneurs have demonstrated incredible resilience and impressive revenue growth rate.

At Beauhurst, as part of the data we collect, we track 47k+ high-growth companies across the UK. Together, these ambitious businesses are driving significant economic growth and developing next-generation technologies, and doing so at an astonishing rate. To investigate which businesses are leading the pack, we’ve used our data to compile a list of the UK’s fastest-growing companies.

While there are many different ways to measure company growth, we’re focusing on the UK startups that saw the greatest turnover growth between 2021 and 2022. Each company on this ranking has met the following criteria:

From fintechs to e-commerce firms to healthcare startups, this list reveals the 10 fastest-growing businesses in the UK, ranked in order of growth in turnover last year. Read on to find out who made the list.


Evergreen Life

Sector: eHealth
Location: Manchester
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 10,842%

Topping the list with a staggering turnover growth of 10,842% is Evergreen Life. The company develops an app that allows users to record their health information, book doctor appointments and view test results. 

Founded in 2014, this startup has raised £28.8m in equity funding to date and a further £440k in grant funding. The company had a post-money valuation of £147m at the end of its latest round in November 2022. Evergreen Life has also made two acquisitions, Cievert in August 2021 and askmyGP in November 2021. 



Sector: Analytics, Insight tools
Location: London
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 1,536%


Coming in second on the ranking is Vuealta with a turnover growth of 1,536%. The company provides support services for businesses looking to utilise Anaplan, a cloud-based planning and performance management platform. 

Since its inception in 2016, Vuealta has opened offices across the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Backed by YFM Equity Partners, Vuealta has raised £6.71m in equity funding across five rounds. Following its most recent equity round in May 2022, it had a valuation of £14.8m. 


Zilch Technology

Sector: Fintech
Location: London
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 1,396%

Zilch Technology develops a mobile app designed to provide the user with zero-interest staggered payments for online shopping. 

Co-founders Philip Belamant and Sean O’Connor set up the financial services company in 2018. Within three years, Zilch became one of  Europe’s fastest-growing companies, reaching unicorn status in record time. Featuring in the Financial Times Tech Champions 2022 as a runner-up in the Banking & Payments category for its use of technology, Zilch saw a turnover growth of 1,396% between 2021 and 2022. 



Sector: Event Management
Location: London
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 1,009%

Broadwick manages live events and music festivals. It is also the rights owner behind a number of notable venues including Printworks London, The Drumsheds and Magazine London. 

With just one equity round in October 2019 for £2.50m under its belt, Broadwick Live’s growth turnover rate of 1,009% between 2021 and 2022 is all the more impressive. According to the company’s Linkedin, it currently employs 109 people. It also has  a strong social media presence with 15.7k followers on Instagram. 



Sector: Fintech
Location: Cambridge
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 799%

Coming in fifth on our ranking is SaaS company, Monavate. This UK tech company had a turnover growth rate of 799% between 2021-22. Monavate develops software that aims to aid businesses in developing payment solutions. 

Founded in 2020 by Dörte Dye and Scott Lucas, the company has raised £5.00m to date. 


Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Sector: Leisure and entertainment
Location: Conwy, Wales
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 776%

With a turnover growth of 776% last year, Adventure Parc Snowdonia is sixth on our ranking. It operates an activity park and hotel, with the world-first inland surfing

Founded in 2012, and achieving a 10% scale-up status since then, the company has raised £6.23m in equity funding and a further £4.15m in grant funding so far. 


Cripps Barn

Sector: Weddings, Catering
Location: Cotswolds
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 694%

Cripps Barn takes the seventh spot on our ranking with a turnover growth of 694%. The company restores and operates several barns that can be hired for weddings and other events.

Featuring in The 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019 high-growth list, this family business has achieved a  20% scalp-up status. It has further raised £1.32m across two equity rounds, one in March 2013 and one in August 2014. 



Sector: Genomics
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 644%

QuantuMDx develops molecular diagnostic medical devices, such as Q-POC, which is a portable diagnostics laboratory designed to provide rapid testing via DNA analysis. 

Founded in 2008 and featured on the BusinessCloud MedTech 50 list in 2021, this healthcare company had a turnover growth of 644%, placing it eighth on our list. To date, the company has raised £81.2m in equity funding and a further £19.8m in grant funding. 


Drake & Morgan

Sector: Pubs and clubs
Location: London
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 591%

Drake & Morgan began as a small business called The Refinery in 2008 and has since evolved into a successful group operating 18 bars and restaurants across London and Manchester.

In 2013, the company underwent an MBO/MBI advised by Livingstone Partners in which Bowmark Capital contributed £30.0m. With two equity rounds raising £1.60m altogether under its belt, the company ranks ninth on our list with a turnover growth of 591% between 2021 and 2022. 


Oddfellows Hotels

Sector: Hotels
Location: Cheshire
Growth in turnover (2021-2022): 581%

Established in 2008, Oddfellows Hotels, based in North West England, owns and manages multiple boutique hotels. In recent years, the company has expanded its offering to apartments

With a turnover growth of 581%, the company comes in tenth position. To date, the company has raised £30k with the Allied Irish Bank as the only known investor. This 20% scale-up business, has Douglas McGeorge at its helm as CEO.

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