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BGF Ventures invests £3.2m into Toucan Box

| Beauhurst

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This week, our deal of the last 7 days goes to kids’ arts and crafts e-tailer Toucan Box.

What do they do?

Hammersmith and Fulham-based Toucan Box is an arts and crafts e-tailer that operates on a monthly subscription basis. The company aims to ‘inspire and teach’ children aged three to eight with a range of activities and materials developed by educational experts.

“I was sure there would be a market for tailer-made selections of arts and craft materials and activities that could be delivered straight to the door” says Toucan Box founder Charles-Dear: “That was four years ago, and since then we have been amazed by the wonderful feedback from our customers – both kids and the adults”.

Investor and BGF founding partner Simon Calver enthused that the Toucan Box team has “created a beautiful, fun and educational product that is underpinned by a clear growth plan and an exciting business model that we can help become a global phenomenon”.

Key players:

1.) Sara Virginie Charles-Dear, Founder & CEO

2.) Federica Holmes, Head of Operations and Planning

How much did they raise? 

Toucan Box secured £3.2m seed-stage equity investment. The company parted with a 19.3% stake, achieving a £16.5m post-money valuation.

Who funded? 

BGF Ventures

Which companies are they up against?


Birmingham and London-based Skips is an educational social enterprise that aims to improve kids’ numeracy, literacy, and life skills through educational work books. In the past, the company has featured as the Times Educational Supplement’s Resource of the Week.

Skips has secured two rounds of equity finance to date, amounting to £93.4k. The startup currently stands at a valuation of £53k.


Birmingham-based FlashSticks has developed a range of flashcards for language learners on post-it notes. The company has also created an interactive iOS & Android app.

A spokesperson for WHSmith has praised the product, saying: “FlashSticks are one of the most exciting language learning products to have come onto the market in recent years, which is why we’re stocking them in all WHSmith high street stores”.

FlashSticks has completed 3 equity fundraisings to date, totalling £700k. Backers include the Minerva Business Angel Network, and the Finance Birmingham-managed Creative Fund.


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