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generation of entrepreneurs

Why top academic institutions use our platform

Identify ideal
partners for tech and knowledge transfer

Zero in on innovative companies in any given sector. See how they’ve grown, and reach out to develop partnerships.

Find the perfect funders for spinouts

Find the perfect investors for your spinouts with our matching algorithm…like Tinder, but for funds.

Develop world-class research and thought leadership

Download our structured data for deep analysis. See how trends have evolved, and use these insights for cutting-edge thought leadership.

Guide students with
up-to-date market data

Build syllabuses and shape lectures with up-to-the-minute market data, and industry-leading insights.

“With Beauhurst, data cleaning is no more—I skip straight to the analysis and can literally save months of my life.”

Maksim Belitski | Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
and Innovation

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