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Why leading banks and finance firms use Beauhurst

Find and monitor promising companies from their earliest stages

Get early access to the next generation of industry-leading businesses, as soon as they show high-growth potential.

Prepare for meetings
in a matter of minutes

Find all the info you need for client-winning conversations, with comprehensive company profiles that are intuitively structured.

Spot emerging
sectors and patterns
in the market

Beautiful data visualisations reveal trends across sectors, locations and transaction types, so you can react with lightning speed.

Easily benchmark deals and find comparables

Beauhurst has the most complete coverage of UK deal data on the market. Deep data paired with powerful search makes benchmarking quick and easy.

We’re starting to build a high-growth proposition… and Beauhurst is the reason we’ve got people believing in it. It’s become an invaluable product for us.

Greg Kyle-Langley | Head of Entrepreneurs | Coutts

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