Find Criteria Faster with the New Search Bar

 5 July 2022

Introducing the new criteria search bar, type the name of what you’re looking for and jump straight to the relevant data point.

If you have used advanced search you will know we have a lot of criteria to choose from to zero in on the companies, people, fundraisings etc you are most interested in. (and we keep adding more!)

We know building that perfect query can be a daunting task, so we are working on making it as easy as possible to discover new criteria and reuse your old favourites.

We are starting by making our list of available criteria searchable. Just start typing after clicking add criteria and you will see all matching entries. The search works both on the criteria themselves and any category they may be present in e.g. “Financial statement”.

Click the down arrow next to a category to see all available criteria even if they don’t match your search term.

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