Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

Easily Export Charts and Data

Bring your presentations and reports to life with the ability to export charts as PNG images or export the data behind the charts to CSV format. These options are compatible with all major software, enabling you to create customised visualisations or perform offline data analysis.

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Advanced Search Over Your Collections

Leverage the new “Collections contained in” criteria in Advanced Search to run searches based on your existing collections. This feature allows you to identify scaleups, research portfolio companies, compile contact lists, and prevent outreach duplication by excluding previously contacted companies. It’s a powerful tool to refine and streamline your search process.

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Stay Updated with the Latest Platform Improvements

Keep up with Beauhurst’s latest platform updates in this dedicated space. Recent enhancements include the ability to upload lists of companies to collections, classify job titles for targeted searches, upload contact lists to your network, and new criteria in Advanced Search. These features streamline your workflow and enhance your data management capabilities.

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