Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

New Similar Companies algorithm

Our new machine learning-driven Similar Companies algorithm significantly improves relevance by understanding the meanings of descriptions. This update replaces simplistic word matching, allowing for more accurate identification of similar companies, even with different wording. Enjoy faster loading times and continuously refine results with user feedback.

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New SIC code, sector, and buzzword ranking chart

Leverage the new customisable SIC code, sector, and buzzword ranking charts in Advanced Search, Collections, and Explore. These charts allow for top-level analysis by percentage of companies, total turnover, or total employee count, providing deeper insights into local economies and aiding in decision-making. Export charts as .png or .csv files for easy integration into presentations and reports.

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Explore the New Tailored Dashboard

Our revamped dashboard is tailored to your activity, featuring the latest blogs, reports, news, and transactions. Easily pick up where you left off with the Recently Viewed panel, and stay updated with new content linked to advanced searches for deeper exploration. The dashboard’s intuitive design bridges the gap between our analysis and yours, enhancing your user experience.

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Find Interesting Shareholders with New Ownership Tab Filters

Easily discover specific shareholders using new filters in the ownership tab on company profiles. The search bar allows you to narrow down by person, while additional filters let you see shareholders within your network or based on their voting rights. These improvements streamline the process of identifying key individuals and connections within a company.

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Analyse Company Foundations and Cessations with New Charts

Discover the health of your local economy with our new charts showing company foundations and cessations. Visualise the number of businesses starting and ceasing operations over time, customise the time frame, and view net changes in specific regions. These charts, available in Explore and Advanced Search, offer immediate insights without needing external tools.

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Access More Historic Company Data on Beauhurst

Explore data on dissolved UK companies dating back to 2004, available with the All Company Data add-on. This comprehensive dataset aids in thorough due diligence, eliminating the need to cross-reference with Companies House. Utilise Advanced Search, exports, and company profiles for in-depth analysis and historical insights.

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Understand the Directors behind the companies

Enhance your due diligence with our new feature that offers comprehensive data on company directors and secretaries. View detailed profiles, including involvement over time, summary tables, and charts. Advanced Search capabilities now allow filtering by directorships, shareholdings, and key positions, aiding in identifying potential risks and opportunities. This feature is especially useful for Know Your Customer checks and tracking director activities.

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Unlock Specific Searches with Business Descriptions from Filings

Enhance your search capabilities with business descriptions directly from companies’ financial statements. This new feature allows you to refine your queries using specific keywords, making it easier to find relevant companies in niche markets. Available in company profiles, advanced search, and exports, this tool helps you navigate broad or outdated SIC codes for more accurate results.

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