Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

Find Criteria Faster with the New Search Bar

Introducing a new criteria search bar in advanced search. Type the name of what you’re looking for and instantly jump to the relevant data point. This update simplifies building queries by making it easier to discover and reuse criteria, streamlining your search process.

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Curate Your Collections with Enhanced Review Mode

Streamline your workflow with the upgraded Review Mode. Add tags and remove companies from your collections directly within Review Mode to keep track of your actions. Create a “Reviewed” tag for easier filtering and manage your collections more efficiently. Use the arrow keys to navigate through Review Mode seamlessly.

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Navigate Your Collections Seamlessly in Review Mode

Efficiently move through your collections using the new Review Mode. Navigate between items with a single click, utilizing arrow buttons for swift transitions. Filter your collections for a streamlined review experience, perfect for a quick Monday morning overview.

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Search Across 300k+ Company Descriptions

Effortlessly discover relevant companies with access to over 300,000 company descriptions. This experimental dataset allows for keyword searches, providing a richer understanding of businesses, including their self-expressed details from their websites. Available under the “Basic Details” tab, this feature aids in identifying prospective clients and partners.

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Enhanced Quick Search with Fuzzy Matching

Experience improved quick searching on Beauhurst with fuzzy search capabilities. Find what you need even with slight misspellings or variations in company, fund, or person names. This update ensures more accurate and relevant search results by accommodating common search term errors, making it easier to locate the right information.

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Discover Similar Companies with Intelligent Description Search

Utilise our machine learning algorithm to find similar companies based on their descriptions, regardless of wording differences. Use the “Similar Companies” criteria in Advanced Search to identify competitors and explore niche sectors, or input your description to find relevant businesses.

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Discover companies that are actively hiring

Track companies actively hiring to find recruitment clients, understand business health, and gain market insights. This status is visible on the “Basic Details” tab and in Advanced Search, and can be exported for further analysis.

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