Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

Welcome to the New Sidebar Navigation

Explore a revamped navigation experience with our new sidebar. This update moves company page navigation to the sidebar, optimising space and enhancing usability on larger screens. All your favourite data remains accessible, now conveniently organised for future enhancements and easier access to relevant information.

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Explore Companies with 25 New Buzzwords

Track trends in industries with 25 new buzzwords like Autonomous Vehicles, Cloud Computing, Femtech, and Synthetic Biology. These buzzwords help identify companies in emerging fields and those intersecting multiple sectors. Enhance your searches and discover relevant companies with our expanded dataset.

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Find Criteria Faster with Improved Advanced Search

Easily build Advanced Search queries with grouped and ordered criteria under new headings. Categories like “Sectors” and “Buzzwords” fall under “What the company does,” while “Employee count” is under “People.” Name and Location are prominently positioned for quick access, and a new search bar allows instant jumps to specific criteria.

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Customise and Sort Your Advanced Search Results

Enhance your advanced search experience with customisable columns. View key financial and fundraising information upfront, remove and reorder columns to focus on what matters, and sort results by new data points to prioritise the most relevant companies. Spend less time exporting and more time acting on valuable data.

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Search by Electoral Wards and Constituencies

Easily find businesses within specific UK Parliamentary Constituencies and Electoral Wards using the enhanced location criteria in advanced search. This update helps Local Authorities and LEPs target support more effectively by providing precise business locations, similar to existing searches by Local Authority or postcode.

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Seamlessly Collaborate with New Collection Features

Collaborate effortlessly with your team using the new Collaborative Collections feature. Build, edit, and manage collections together, utilise specific tags for better alignment, and keep track of changes with the history panel. Convert existing collections to collaborative without losing any work, and streamline workflows with shared tags and stages for easier coordination.

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Access People with Significant Control (PSC) Data

Stay compliant with new PSC data for all UK companies, detailing individuals and corporate entities with significant influence or control. This data covers ownership, voting rights, and other forms of control beyond basic shareholding, aiding in thorough due diligence. Find this information under the “People” tab on company profiles.

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Access Gender Pay Gap Data for UK Companies

Discover gender pay gap data for over 11,000 UK companies. This feature includes differences in hourly pay, bonuses, and gender distribution across pay quartiles. Use the advanced search to identify companies that may need support in closing the pay gap or to highlight those driving equal pay initiatives.

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