Product updates

At Beauhurst HQ, we’re constantly making improvements to our data platforms. Whether that’s dropping new datasets, integrations, or making improvements to how you can use the platform itself, there’s always something new on the horizon. Here’s a snapshot of our recent updates.

Track Active Hiring with Expanded Company Data

Discover over 31,000 companies actively hiring, with doubled coverage in our database. This update helps you find clients needing recruitment services, approach businesses with deeper insights, and gauge company health. Included in the All Company Data add-on, this enhancement seamlessly integrates with your existing searches.

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Streamlined Sidebar for Enhanced Navigation

Our latest update improves sidebar usability by de-emphasising inactive items, allowing you to quickly focus on the most relevant parts of a company profile. Easily identify sections with no activity through lighter shading, making navigation more efficient.

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Comprehensive Updates to the Company Summary Page

Explore our revamped Company Summary Page with enhanced Details, People, and Financial Panels. Discover new insights with the Similar Companies panel, understand technology usage, corporate structure, and who’s who at each company. Benefit from streamlined financial data and find similar companies effortlessly.

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Accurate Head Office Data for Precise Targeting

Enhance your outreach with expanded head office data for over 1.2 million UK companies. This update reveals that 1 in 4 companies has a different head office from their registered address, enabling more precise targeting and better regional trend monitoring. Included in the All Company Data add-on, this improvement seamlessly integrates into your searches.

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Unlock Patent Insights on 29k+ Companies

Access detailed patent data on over 29,000 companies with our latest platform add-on. Identify innovative technologies, understand companies’ IP strategies, and discover international ambitions through comprehensive patent information. This feature includes data on 165k granted patents sourced from the European Patent Office, helping you stay ahead in the innovation landscape.

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Transform Your View of Company Transactions

Introducing a new way to view company transactions with a comprehensive summary panel. The updated interface includes a valuation graph showing changes over time, making it easier to understand the impact of each transaction. Quickly access detailed transaction events and key information such as fundraising amounts and grant receipts.

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Access Comprehensive Commodity Trade Data

Gain insights from our new dataset covering non-EU trade since 2016 and EU exports since March 2022. Analyse import and export activities of over 280k UK companies to identify industry focus, growth signals, and potential new exporters. This data helps pinpoint companies’ operational core and discover opportunities for supporting their export potential.

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Introducing the New Briefing Panel

The new Briefing panel on company summary pages offers quick access to essential information like tracking triggers, sectors, collections, and descriptions. This feature helps you get up to speed on a company immediately, making it easier to dive into the details.

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