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The hunt for reliable environmental, social and governance data is over—ESG data is now live at Beauhurst

Want to track the green economy? Or, to find companies with ESG awards? Well, now you can. Our ESG signals identify and flag the companies working to make a difference.

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Combining our best-in-class UK company data with nine ESG signals, you identify, monitor, and capitalise on opportunities across the economy.

Environmental signals


Sustainable farming food production

Sustainable agriculture and food production activities, including alternative farming, natural pesticides and low-carbon meat or diary alternatives.


Green transport

Activities related to developing electric vehicles and their parts, infrastructure, and storage, as well as consulting in this space.


Clean and renewable energy

Companies involved in developing alternative or renewable energy sources, such as wind and tidal, including the manufacture of parts, developing storage solutions, or consulting.


Green building and infrastructure

Companies with pollution and waste management activities, such as air or noise pollution and recycling, as well as developing building technologies and infrastructure or focus on environmental consulting.


Environmental accolades

Companies with this signal have been backed by a fund, attended an accelerator, or featured in a high-growth list that has a positive environmental focus.

Social and governance signals


Age diversity

Companies hit this signal if the coefficient of variation of the board of directors is over 0.25, excluding companies with 1-2 active directors and those with directors under age 18 and over 100.


Gender pay equality

Companies achieve this signal if the difference between men and women’s average hourly pay is no greater than 5%.


Gender equality of directors

Companies hit this signal if the percentage of women directors is between 45% and 55%, excluding companies with less than two directors and where the gender is unknown.


Social accolades

Companies with this signal have either been backed by a fund, attended an accelerator, or featured in a high-growth list that has a social impact focus.

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