The ultimate UK business cluster database

Discover, track and understand high growth business clusters.

Our database contains information on UK business clusters. Whether you’re tracking growth or measuring impact, you can do it on our UK business cluster database.

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Discover just some of our data and features


Our ‘explore’ section reveals trends in locations, sectors, LEPs or business stages. And visualises it for you in easy-to-understand ways, making comparisons easy.

Find companies’ head office location, as well as its registered address and trading location.
Our sector tracking means you can search across detailed industry sectors—from agriculture to telecommunications.
High-growth tracking
We track every new company formation in the UK, so always have local company growth data. And our tracking triggers reveal high-growth businesses early on in their lifecycle.
Funds and grants
We track the funds and grants that a business receives, including the date and the parties involved, so you can track every local grant recipient.
People data
See current key people (past and present), director (past and present) and find contact details to get in touch.

The ultimate source of UK private company data

Data on everything you need

Our UK company cluster database has data on every private UK business—that’s everything from office locations, contact details, financial information, trade and patent data, to incubator and accelerator attendances. Perfect for tracking UK cluster growth data.

Data that’s in a league of its own

Others just scrape data—we curate it. We combine machine learning models, data extraction tools and the power of our 60+ data experts to create the ultimate UK company cluster database.

Data you won’t find elsewhere

Even if you try really hard. We gather data from everywhere from HMRC to news outlets, Companies House to our exclusive data partnerships. We collect it, clean it and extract the best bits to give you reliable UK business cluster data.

Quality and quantity

With us, you really can have both. Our data is detailed and wide ranging, covering 5m UK private companies. And our data team is always updating, curating and answering queries. So the data you find on our uk company cluster database is the best quality it can be, at scale.

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Identify and support businesses

Looking for the businesses that are operating in your area? You’ve come to the right place. We track all companies in the UK—with a special focus on high-growth companies. So you can identify, track and support companies.

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Create economic profiles

Find trends, growth signifiers, identify business clusters and monitor key metrics, all with our UK company cluster database. Our platform makes understanding local economies easy, thanks to up-to-date information, data visualisation and downloadable charts.

Illustration of data trends for top 10 funders by fundraisings on the Beauhurst platform


Track and understand the quantifiable impact that you’re having on a region using data from multiple sources for real-time results. Perfect for measuring the success of grants or business support, or seeking businesses to partner with.

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Giving government bodies, universities and LEPs access to the data required to create a big impact—and measure its success.

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Helping B2B sales teams find and win relevant, high-quality clients with data-backed insights and UK-wide search tools.

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Arming investors and accelerators with the data needed to identify opportunities, analyse trends and build relationships.

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Enabling those in financial and professional services to source new, ideal clients and advise existing clientele throughout long-term relationships.

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