Hours spent googling for mediocre leads isn’t a job well done—it’s a waste of time.

The Beauhurst platform lets you:
  • Build a tailored pipeline of high-value leads
  • Get notified when it’s the right time to approach
  • Prepare for client winning meetings in minutes

 Beauhurst helps you find, engage and win quality clients, faster. 

Find high-value leads in record speed

  • Effortlessly filter through 30,000 of the UK’s most high potential companies to create a tailored pipeline of leads that automatically updates.
  • Choose from a range of criteria, including sector, location, and size, to zero in on the businesses that are most relevant to you.

Prospect not ready yet?
Get notified when they are

  • Receive automatic updates on unannounced funding rounds to changes in leadership, and use these events as triggers to approach.
  • See all the key people in a company and go straight to the relevant decision maker with verified contact details.

Prepare for brilliant meetings in minutes

  • Download a one page summary with everything you need to know about a company.
  • Walk into meetings with greater insight and more personalised talking points, so you can drive more productive conversations.

hugo lough, associate director

In short, Beauhurst has made me more efficient and more able to identify potential clients, which in turn results in more revenue for the business.
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 See the platform in action. 

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Want to see the data for yourself? Download a sample company tear sheet.

 Don’t just believe us, see what our customers are saying. 

Beauhurst is a single source of truth on the UK’s high-growth economy – it truly is our guiding light in finding the right businesses to approach.
Jonny Day, Head of Sales Operations

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