How West Ham United Sources New Business Partnerships with Beauhurst

I no longer have to dig around to find good leads, which means I can spend more time on approaches and more worthwhile conversations.

Jack Haydon, Partnerships Executive, West Ham United

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Jack Haydon is Partnerships Executive at West Ham United, working within a small team to build the club’s business connections. Jack is always on the lookout for new tools to help improve processes and increase efficiency. There is a great match in values between Beauhurst’s high-growth platform and West Ham, which is one of the fastest-growing football clubs in the world since moving to the London stadium. 

We sat down with Jack to find out how he makes the most of the platform, and drives meaningful conversations with ambitious UK businesses.

Key uses of Beauhurst

Quickly finding and qualifying leads

Easily contacting the right person with verified emails

Staying on top of trends and driving strategy

How did you do business development before you were subscribers to Beauhurst?

There are only three of us prospecting new partnerships at the moment, and each of us work in our own individual way. One plays the numbers game, knowing that if he reaches out to a hundred prospects five will be interested. I’m a little more meticulous, and would discover brands through news articles. I’d have a google around to find out more about them, like what countries they’re operating in and try to figure out who their target markets are, to see how that aligns with the premier league and West Ham’s audience.

Ultimately, we’re targeting companies by sector and prioritising those that are growing fast that we don’t already have partners in, whether that’s tourism or water. We then pick out the challenger companies that are looking for big brand awareness and go from there.

What was difficult about that process, and how has Beauhurst helped?

Digging around for details always takes a long time, but Beauhurst has reduced this dramatically.

The news section has been really helpful for highlighting companies that have just raised funding. We dont send out mass emails, we like to make sure everything is personalised. That used to mean scrolling through five or six pages of google news alerts to find something relevant to refer back to. But with Beauhurst news, there’s something there right in front of you which shows you’ve made the effort to find out about the company.

It’s always been a bit of a pain finding accurate and confirmed email addresses, but this is something Beauhrust does really well, so we can make contact quite easily once we’re ready to reach out.

Once I’ve found an interesting opportunity, I check the ‘Similar Companies’ tab to see if there are any similar brands within that niche that might be worth reaching out to. If you get a nibble from one brand in the sector you can use that to leverage your way into a conversation with another. That’s a really quick win, and is a lot less straightforward to do on Google or Linkedin.

That takes a lot of the leg work out of lead sourcing and making contact.

And we don’t just use the platform for pinpointing individual brands, we also use it to drive our entire strategy as a team, by identifying the industries that are succeeding. The COVID impact data is especially useful in this regard, because it shows which parts of the economy are doing well and are likely to want to expand their reach.

How does Beauhurst fit into your workflow?

For me, Beauhurst has become part of my daily routine—I’ve found huge value in it. I start every morning by logging on to Beauhurst, and it’s the last thing I check before I log off for the day. I browse through the news and fundraisings section, which is a great way to stay on top of trends and stories that I wouldn’t otherwise come across.

I also have a couple of Collections set up for the industries I’m looking at. At the moment, those are gaming, cybersecurity and insurance. These regularly update with new companies that are of a certain age, have just secured fundraising and have a certain amount of cash, and I get notified of these via email.

What’s been the biggest value-add from your Beauhurst subscription?

Beauhurst has certainly been a big time saver for me. I no longer have to dig around to find good leads, which means I can spend more time on approaches and more worthwhile conversations.

Our Account Managers, Georgia and Albert, have been brilliant at keeping in contact, checking in to see how things are going and updating us on the new features. We know who to go to if we have any questions, or want to learn how to use the tools more effectively.

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