How Newable Uses Beauhurst to Increase its Deal Flow

Using Beauhurst has made us far more efficient as a team and saved us an incredible amount of time.

Robert Cowper-Coles, Client Relationship Manager

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Newable strives to unleash the extraordinary potential of British business men and women by providing the essential services needed to help their companies grow. The company has helped thousands of UK SMEs through the three core pillars of its business: providing finance, from angel investment and funding buyouts to commercial finance and business loans; advice, from supporting the earliest stages of growth to expansion into new markets and geographies; and office space, from commercial property lettings to management of flexible working spaces.

Robert Cowper-Coles is a Client Relationship Manager at Newable. His role is to develop deal flow, which involves finding new business and conducting preliminary financial analysis of the companies seeking funding, along with managing existing client relationships. We sat down with Robert to learn how exactly he uses the Beauhurst platform to assist with each of these functions.

Key uses of Beauhurst
  • Sourcing new investments

  • Exploring the fastest-growing business sectors

  • Conducting due diligence

  • Leveraging contacts within angel networks

Every Monday we receive tailored emails which summarise all the latest developments in the sectors and companies we’re interested in.

What were the main challenges associated around your origination process before using Beauhurst?

Before we found Beauhurst, one of the biggest problems we had was finding new companies to invest in – we can’t offer funding to a company if we haven’t heard of them! We previously had to rely heavily on inbound requests from our network, which meant we had little control over our incoming business and deal flow.

Once we had identified a business, we would spend a significant amount of time sourcing relevant information about them, including googling, traversing their website and Companies House. This process would often be time consuming and frustratingly difficult to find the information we needed.

How they use Beauhurst to increase deal flow

One of the key ways in which Beauhurst has helped is through sourcing new opportunities. We were able to find new HNWIs to recruit for our angel network that we hadn’t come across before using the Advanced Search tool and Networks feature, and it was so easy to find the companies they were tied to.

In addition to this we’ve been using the Company Collections feature, which alerts you when new results meet your search criteria. Every Monday we receive tailored emails which summarise all the latest developments in the sectors and companies we’re interested in. This ensures that we stay ahead of the curve with new opportunities as they come through, and enables us to identify new sectors on the rise.

Our dedicated Beauhurst account manager, Layla, has been a really helpful part of this entire process – she came to our office to guide us through our introductory training session and helped set up all of our search criteria. She’s always got back to us really quickly whenever we’ve contacted her, and she’s helped onboard every new starter as they’ve joined the team.

Beauhurst company profile

How they use Beauhurst to conduct due diligence more efficiently

Before working with a company we conduct our own background research, which includes looking into their financials, recent transactions, key investors and stakeholders. Using the platform has really streamlined this process. Beauhurst is genuinely so intuitive and easy to navigate, and we’re impressed at how centralised the information is. For example, we can see all the shareholders within a company simply by viewing a single ownership tab. It means we can just copy the link to a profile on the Beauhurst platform and have a complete overview of a business within a matter of seconds – previously, it would take around 15 minutes to set up the basic company information on our systems.

An important part of our due diligence process is exploring common ground with potential clients, such as tapping into existing relationships with angel investors. Utilising the expertise of your angel network is vital in developing a well rounded view of a business. With the Beauhurst Networks feature, it’s easy to determine who these people are and reach out to them.

The results of using Beauhurst

It enables us to adopt a data-driven approach
Beauhurst has helped us to adopt a more data-driven approach to finding new opportunities.

We have created a collection of companies that we would be interested in funding, and generated a number of new leads off the back of email alerts, including HNWIs that we hadn’t heard of before.

And it saves us time
Using Beauhurst has made conducting due diligence so much more efficient and saved us an incredible amount of time.

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