How Granter Uses Beauhurst to Power its Business Development

Beauhurst offers what you think wouldn't be possible to create in a business development system for R&D—it’s literally the perfect system for this sector

Michael Vasili, Commercial Partner, Granter

Financial Services



Granter specialises in R&D tax relief and funding, which means we help businesses access various avenues of funding through government incentives. The sector as a whole is very transactional a lot of the time, so we saw a gap in the market for customer-focused R&D tax relief services, centred around building long-term client relationships. 

To provide good customer service in this industry, you really need to understand your client’s business, their needs, and where you can add value. So, we developed software that automates the entire claims process for our clients, from start to finish. Rather than spending four to six hours on calls, going through technical and financial information, now clients can simply drag and drop information into our portal. We’ve essentially taken out the legwork on their side.

Key uses of Beauhurst

    • Building lead lists
    • Contacting decision makers
    • Preparing for high-converting calls

How has Beauhurst helped to support your business development goals?

I’ve not been using the Beauhurst platform for very long but it’s already had an incredibly positive impact on my ability to prospect. The data available on Beauhurst really opens up my conversations with people. And the amount of detail I can go into on a call now, without having to do any sort of research, is staggering. 

A lot of the industries we focus on, such as agritech, already claim R&D tax credits. So knowing about the £2m raise that a company completed last week or the grant they received a month ago, and being able to go into a call with a different angle, can really set us apart from the competition. Beauhurst allows us to look like we’ve done some serious digging and research, without lifting a finger. So when we make these calls to prospects now, we’re having much warmer conversations, which hugely increases our chances of speaking to a decision maker. 

On my first day using Beauhurst, I made 15 calls, spoke to 10 people who were interested, and immediately booked one meeting. Beauhurst has been really useful in the early part of the sales cycle, removing a lot of rejections from gatekeepers.

How do you use Beauhurst to increase your deal flow?

One of the key ways in which Beauhurst has helped is through sourcing new opportunities. We were able to find new HNWIs to recruit for our angel network that we hadn’t come across before using the Advanced Search tool and Networks feature, and it was so easy to find the companies they were tied to.

In addition to this we’ve been using the Company Collections feature, which alerts you when new results meet your search criteria. Every Monday we receive tailored emails which summarise all the latest developments in the sectors and companies we’re interested in. This ensures that we stay ahead of the curve with new opportunities as they come through, and enables us to identify new sectors on the rise.

Our dedicated Beauhurst account manager, Layla, has been a really helpful part of this entire process – she came to our office to guide us through our introductory training session and helped set up all of our search criteria. She’s always got back to us really quickly whenever we’ve contacted her, and she’s helped onboard every new starter as they’ve joined the team.

How did you go about finding new customers before Beauhurst?

Prior to Beauhurst, we tried prospecting through a few different data providers, but none of them were as extensive as Beauhurst. We were trying to diversify the way we reached out to prospects, so I also used Google Maps to find lead lists from business parks, as well as LinkedIn.

Once we had these lists, we didn’t have any set criteria for narrowing down the companies on them. I would just go through them one by one, opening up a new tab and assessing whether there was an opportunity for us there, and getting a general idea of company size etc. 

Back then, finding a list of say 60 prospects, then vetting them and cold calling them, would take me an entire day. But with Beauhurst, I can reach out to the same volume of leads in just a couple of hours.

How does Beauhurst fit into your workflow?

I try to spend a minimum of 2-3 days each week cold calling or emailing prospects. I look to Beauhurst anytime I’m making calls, building lists of companies with the search function, adding filters to find companies that have just secured seed funding, for instance. It’s also really useful having access to verified email addresses for people at these companies. 

On the vetting side of things, I’ll go through a company’s profile on the Beauhurst platform and take notes on any recent transactions, if it’s been in the news, its financials and ownership model. Essentially, I’ll try and get a high-level picture of what the business looks like, before I call them. All the info you need on a new prospect is right there in front of you—so what used to take me half an hour now takes me a minute or two. 

And with the Beauhurst Collections tool, I’ve created lists of leads and even added colour coded flags for: “this one didn’t pick up, I’ll call them again”, “I’ll send this one an email as a follow up”, “meeting booked”, “call back in six months”, and so on. In this way, Beauhurst becomes more like a CRM system.

How would you describe Beauhurst to someone who’s considering a subscription?

I would tell them that Beauhurst offers what you think wouldn’t be possible to create in a business development system for R&D—it’s literally the perfect system for this sector. The access to information it gives you, and the specific criteria you can filter by when you’re trying to target very niche sectors, are incredible.

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