How Ayming powers its origination campaigns with Beauhurst data

As a whole, Beauhurst is grossly superior from any data platform we’ve used before.

Jonathan Cardle, Sales Manager, Ayming

Business Consulting and Services

33 King William St, London EC4R 9AY


Ayming is a Global Consultancy firm with 30 years’ experience improving businesses’ operational and financial performance.

As a Sales Manager, Jonathan is tasked with deal origination, engaging with the market and managing accounts. He uses Beauhurst to identify new business opportunities, carry out marketing campaigns and bring new clients on board. We sat down with Jonathan to learn more about how he uses Beauhurst to find and target new clients.

Key uses of Beauhurst

    • Superior search function with hundreds of criteria
    • Easy exports with verified contact details
    • Accurate data to drive meaningful conversations

What data source were you using before Beauhurst, and what were the main issues with it?

Prior to using Beauhurst we were using Creditsafe, which is really tricky to use. The interface isn’t friendly and it doesn’t navigate easily, which makes it a very time-consuming tool.

Beauhurst is a lot easier to use, has more accurate data, and has a really strong Advanced Search tool as well as lots of extra neat functions. As a whole, Beauhurst is grossly superior from any data platform we’ve used before.

We’ve previously had to rely a lot on Linkedin, but now that we have Beauhurst we can get a really comprehensive overview of a company as a whole, as well as the best people to get in contact with.

What were your first impressions of using Beauhurst?

I was quite reluctant to switch to using a different platform in the beginning, I generally like to stick to what I know. But our Account Manager, Layla, helped us all transition to using Beauhurst, and taught us how to navigate through a company page really efficiently. I now use Beauhurst every day — it’s essential to my job.

How do you use Beauhurst to find and target new clients?

At Ayming, we ideally want to target loss making SMEs, as there are two R&D tax regimes that they could apply for using our services; one for larger companies and one for small companies. I use Beauhurst to look for new opportunities that would qualify for these schemes, by searching for companies with 500 staff or fewer, and a turnover of less than €100m. I’ll also add a sector criteria in, depending on which market we’re looking into.

I then export the list of resulting companies out to Excel, including all the relevant C-Suite contact details. I’ll condense all of this data down and distribute it out across the team. What I really like about the exports is that it provides the URLs for all the C-Suite’s Linkedin profiles, as well as their email addresses. This kind of accurate data is really very valuable for origination campaigns.

The results of using Beauhurst

Beauhurst data enables us to carry out really strong origination campaigns, by helping us identify new prospects and then winning them as clients.

We recently used Beauhurst to construct a campaign to bring more insurance companies on as clients, which was especially effective. We extracted a list of insurance based tech firms and started getting in touch using the contact details from the platform. I can’t give specifics, but just last week we closed a very successful deal off the back of that campaign!

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