Why The Beauhurst API is Like Having a Really Efficient CRM Assistant

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The Beauhurst API is designed to draw data from our platform straight into your workflow. This integration allows you to instantly call the data you need and monitor key activity on the UK’s high-growth companies. It’s basically like having a ridiculously efficient assistant.

1. Keep tabs on the companies you’re looking to build relationships with

Manager: Hey API, remember that high-growth company I asked you to keep an eye on?

API: Yes, it’s in our CRM.

Manager: Can you export it again from Beauhurst and update their contact details please? 

API: No need, it’s automatically refreshed. 

The Beauhurst API saves you having to jump between multiple platforms to gather up-to-date information on relevant companies, whether they’re a new prospect, an existing client or a potential partner. By adding a company to your CRM, you can get automatic updates put directly into your records.

2. Integrate Beauhurst data into your data visualisation platform

Manager: Great, can you also quickly run some reports and update our dashboards?

API: Done, our charts have been updated using the latest Beauhurst data—it looks like Bristol is the focal point for biotech these days!

Our API also allows you to seamlessly integrate Beauhurst data with platforms such as Tableau or Power BI. This saves you having to import lengthy spreadsheets into your visual reporting tools, meaning you can get stuck into the analysis straight away.

3. The new Transactions API gives you instant access to a company’s funding history

Manager: Now can you take a deep dive into that company’s latest funding round? I need the date, amount, investors, and anything else you can find by the end of the day.

API: They raised a £1m equity funding round yesterday from the angel investor Angelo Equité. It hasn’t been announced to the public yet, so you’d better get in touch before your competitors hear about it. 

Manager: Why didn’t you say that earlier?! 

API: I emailed you about it, remember? You set me up to do that first thing in the morning.

Our new Transactions API shows you fundraising activities for Beauhurst-tracked companies. This means you can keep up to date with their transaction history—both announced and unannounced—from the comfort of your own CRM.

You can also stay in the know using the Beauhurst News API feature. We do the heavy lifting for you and scan the web for news relating to all our tracked companies. You can add relevant company news to your own feed, so that you don’t have to switch between tens of news sources every morning. 

Manager: Oh right, good work API! How do you do it?

API: Funny you should ask…

How does the Beauhurst API work?

The Beauhurst API process is bespoke. The aim is to integrate Beauhurst’s data into your platform of choice—be it a CRM, an internal website, or anywhere you store and use data. This will mean our API consultant collaborating with your team to build a system that’s compatible with your needs and existing systems. 

Once the API is all set up, you’ll be able to request data on any company saved in your Collections on the Beauhurst platform. This will ensure you can immediately call on data that’s relevant to your use case—without having to spend valuable time sifting through company pages. 

API's job spec

Features of the Beauhurst API: Basic, Financials, Classification, Contact Info, Transactions Overview, Employees

+ New Transactions API features

Features of the new Transactions API: Transaction Data, Additional Grant Data, Additional Fundraising Data

Manager: Wow API, you really are efficient. How much am I paying you again? 

API: I’m charged at a fixed percentage of your Beauhurst subscription fee. I suggest you get in touch with Tim, our API Associate, for more information. 

Email: tim.johnson@beauhurst.com

Phone: 0793 122 8041

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